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Love that slowly suffocates.
I do art, I love Ville Valo and obsess over music...let's talk!

I will resort to physical violence if you tell me Screamworks was HIM’s worst album.
Idk I know I know this is the bajillionth post whatever, but wow tonight I heard a desperation in V’s voice during dying song that was just fucking amazing. Just this entire fucking album keeps giving back. 5 years straight and yknow sometimes I like to believe they wrote it for me because the actual recipient probably couldn’t even fathom the beauty I’ve found in every detail

If someone wrote me an album this amazing tho…

The problem with my future is that I have to slowly give up all the dreams I have now.

I am literally blessed with some wonderful friends.



You’re over someone when you stop looking at their social media accounts.

Straight facts

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  • me: damn bae ur so hard
  • Drake: that me lint roller

you stay away from me. hang out with your dog faced idiot and stay away. 

fuck i absent mindedly went on facebook and got my feelings hurt again yay

whatever I do I must not go on facebook